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Understanding Turnkey Camp Solutions For Mining Projects

purpose built and comfortable facilities

Turnkey mining camps create a self-sufficient, functional living and working environment which supports the needs of mining operations in challenging terrains and remote parts of the country.

What Is A Turnkey Camp?

A turnkey camp is a campsite or facility, fully equipped and operational, ready for immediate use. It typically includes everything needed for accommodation, amenities and mining activities – allowing your project team to start using it without the need for additional development or setup.

A turnkey camp is specifically designed to support mining operations, including facilities for accommodation, dining, ablution, laundry and other necessities required by the personnel involved in mining projects.

Key Components of A Turnkey Camp

Turnkey mining camps can serve as temporary or semi-permanent operational bases for mining projects in remote locations. They are designed to provide all essential amenities and support services to the workforce, facilitating efficient operations. Some key components found in turnkey mining camps include:

Accommodation Units

The accommodation facilities within turnkey camps can include modular or pre-fabricated buildings such as dormitories or individual rooms. Generally, the project requirements will dictate the type of accommodation at a turnkey camp. At SPG, we specialise in delivering purpose-built caravan accommodation for turnkey camps.

Dining Facilities

You can expect to find a dining facility at a turnkey mining camp, with most camps equipped with a dining or mess hall to cater to the nutritional needs of the workforce. These facilities often provide cafeteria or buffet style meals, with options for various dietary preferences and cuisines.

Administrative Buildings

Turnkey mining camps require administrative facilities for the management of operations, including spaces for project management, administrative staff, as well as support services such as human resources (HR), finance and logistics coordination.

Ablution Blocks & Laundry Facilities

A key component of remote turnkey mining camps, ablution blocks and laundry facilities ensure hygiene, comfort and compliance with health regulations. By providing convenient amenities, mining companies can boost workforce retention and productivity. By incorporating efficient designs, environmental impact can be reduced, promoting sustainability in remote mining operations.

Utilities Infrastructure

Essential utilities, including power generation, water supply, sewage treatment, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are all crucial in turnkey camps. This infrastructure aids in ensuring a comfortable, functional living and working environment for your staff when undertaking projects in remote locations.

Communications Infrastructure

Having reliable communication systems within a turnkey mining camp is vital for maintaining contact with the outside world, coordinating operations and responding to emergencies. Infrastructure around internet connectivity, landline phones, radios and satellite communication allow the occupants of the camp to communicate successfully with parties outside the confines of the turnkey camp.

Waste Management Facilities

Effective waste disposal and recycling facilities are essential for maintaining hygiene, complying with regulatory requirements and mitigating impact to the environment. Proper facilities ensure the safe disposal of waste, reducing pollution risks and fostering a clean, healthy environment for the workforce within the camp.

The Benefits of Turnkey Camps

Turnkey camps offer a range of benefits for mining operators and their workforce when completing projects in remote areas:

  1. Cost Efficiency: Turnkey camps provide all the essential amenities and services in one package, eliminating the need for piece-by-piece construction and sourcing facilities from multiple parties. This streamlined approach often results in cost savings compared to constructing required infrastructure individually.
  2. Rapid Mobilisation & Demobilisation: Turnkey camps are pre-designed and fully equipped, allowing for a quick deployment and minimal set up time. At SPG, all our caravan units are fully mobile and ready to be deployed to your site, no matter how remote.
  3. Reduced Logistical Complexity: By centralising a number of key amenities and facilities into one location, turnkey mining camps simplify logistical efforts and reduce complexities around managing multiple sites or accommodations.
  4. Improved Morale & Productivity of Staff: Providing comfortable, well-equipped facilities for accommodation, dining, amenities and essential services contributes directly to the wellbeing and morale of the workforce. This, in turn, can boost productivity, enhance job satisfaction and reduce turnover within your team.
  5. Regulation & Compliance: Turnkey camps are designed and operated to be compliant with all relevant health, safety, regulatory and environmental standards. This assists mining organisations meet their legal obligations, minimising the risk of penalties or operational disruptions due to non-compliance.

SPG’s Turnkey Camp Solutions

Established in 2006, SPG has been taking mobile turnkey camps into remote areas of Western Australia, empowering and supporting exploration project teams in demanding industries. All caravans in our fleet are designed, manufactured and maintained to relevant Australian standards, in-house. They are custom designed, backed by over 15 years of experience, to withstand the harshest, most remote conditions while providing a high level of comfort to those within the camp. A turnkey camp allows your team to focus solely on your project, while our experienced team takes care of the operational side of things. With everything included in your turnkey mobile camp, you can rest assured you and your team will be comfortable whilst working remotely. To discuss your project and see how SPG can assist you, reach out to our service team today.